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Labor and Energy Regulations Take Us To the Cleaners

Government compliance standards on appliances have increased costs while providing little increased efficiency. Labor interventions, especially at the entry-level, have reduced the number of repairmen, allowing those that remain to charge higher fees. This has resulted in a booming, do-it-yourself market in home repairs.

David Brooks, The Whigs, and Corporate Welfare

The NYT gets it wrong again. We are told the Whigs, the original crony capitalists, were the voice of the common man against a tyrannical government. Hogwash.

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Mises Updates: Incentives, Income, and Welfare
[Editor's Note: The debate over the effects of the Affordable Care Act on incentives to work continues. In this selection from Chapter 11 of Man vs. The Welfare State (1969), Henry Hazlitt discusses some impacts of welfare programs on incent ... More »

Mises Updates: Video: Joseph Salerno Discusses Income Inequality
Joe Salerno sits down with Jeff Deist to discuss how Austrian Economics frames the issue of income inequality. ... More »

Mises Updates: Labor and Energy Regulations Take Us To the Cleaners
Christopher Westley writes in today's Mises Daily:  With my own broken dryer, I could have dipped into savings and bought a new low-end model for about half a grand, but this was an option I wanted to avoid. I could have contacted a repair ... More »

Christopher Westley: A Slice of Life in the Former East Germany
I received the following in an email from a reader in response to my Mises Daily article for today: I grew up in East Germany - a similar economic environment as there was in the former Soviet Union. For (equally) poor East Germans, buying a n ... More »

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Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis

Ludwig von Mises’s Socialism is the most important critical examination of socialism ever written. Socialism is most famous for Mises’s penetrating economic calculation argument. The book contains ... More »

Principles of Economics - Pocket Edition

This edition is absolutely gorgeous - handy, economical, and beautifully printed. We've never had an edition of this core work that is so nicely done. In the beginning, there was Menger. It was... More »

The Law

How is it that the law enforcer itself does not have to keep the law? How is it that the law permits the state to lawfully engage in actions which, if undertaken by individuals, would land them in j... More »

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